Anissa Sherard

Anissa Sherard , Red Rooster employee of 3 years and Harlem resident

Anissa Sherard, Red Rooster employee of 3 years and Harlem resident

How I started working at Red Rooster was a happy accident. My wife and I were walking past the back door and bumped into a (very frustrated) dishwasher on the phone with a coworker who hadn't shown up for work. My wife jokingly said to the dishwasher, “If you need a hard worker here's one for you,” pointing to me. He said, "I need a go-getter, someone who's chasing paper and willing to work to get it." I gave him my number and weeks later I get a call asking me to come down to speak with the chef. I got the job, started working immediately, and since day one I felt like I was part of the team and had everyone's support. I started working in back of house and worked my way to front of house where I'm now a server. I love the front of house vibes. We are definitely a family. I love that I get to interact with the Harlem community on a daily basis and that we also get a mix of guests from downtown and people from all over the world who have heard about us. We work hard and we are proud of the restaurant and community we are in. #TeamRedRooster. That would be me.