Jamie Rhoden

Jamie Rhoden , Red Rooster Server and Employee of 4 years

Jamie Rhoden, Red Rooster Server and Employee of 4 years

"Four years ago, on my mother’s birthday, we ate at the Red Rooster. We arrived too early for dinner service, so we sat at the bar waiting till 5:30pm. I’d recently graduated from culinary school, and was a huge fan of Marcus’ work, so when he walked in with his hands full looking for a place to put a book he was holding, I was more than happy to offer up some space by me. I tried to play it cool even though inside I was doing a happy dance. Marcus wished my mother a happy birthday and she, of course, bragged about my culinary genius. It worked, because he had his assistant come over to ask about doing his blog. I was flattered and shocked that Chef Marcus took a chance on me with barely knowing me. I later applied for a part time position at Red Rooster, wanting to prove to Chef Marcus I had been worth giving that early shot to. I wanted to give back to Red Rooster for having believed in me. I started in the pastry department and front of house, then moved to Garde Marge and Fry Station while also doing floor. The more involved I got the more I wanted to be a part of Red Rooster. Marcus' dream propelled my dreams and helped to develop my own community. Now four years later, my personal food has been featured as a special, I am a server, bartender, and trainer for new staff. I am blessed to work for someone that sees potential in people and does what he can to make their dreams happen."